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Quarry Solar Farm would be located north east of Witney, east of Hailey and Poffley End and south west of New Yatt and North Leigh in Oxfordshire.

This location has been carefully chosen by our integrated team of experts. The site will benefit from an infield connection to the electricity grid, can be screened to minimise visual impact and has the potential to deliver positive gains for protected species.

Our proposals are informed by localised feedback. Your comments will help shape the final proposals that are brought forward and the team will listen, learn, and where appropriate, amend the designs, to ensure local feedback is incorporated.

By working in partnership with local communities, JBM Solar unlocks a project’s full potential by ensuring that the benefits of solar energy developments are realised in a way that positively impacts the surrounding community.

The displacement of over 919,000 tonnes of CO2 from equivalent fossil fuel energy, which equates to taking 255,000 cars off Oxfordshire roads.

New green infrastructure such as enhanced rights of way, outdoor picnic areas, outdoor classroom, and information boards

Genuine benefits for local residents including a £105,000 community benefit fund.

The ability for over 95% of the site to be used for sheep grazing and remain in farming use, allowing topsoil to recover, by increasing soil organic matter and improving the soil structure

Over 50% Biodiversity net gain providing ecological benefits through new habitats, such as wildflower meadows, grassland areas, skylark plots, ponds, bird nesting boxes and beehives

Net gain for hedgerow / trees including the reinstatement of historic field boundaries and landscaping enhancements such as new hedgerow and semi-mature tree planting to further improve wildlife corridors

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on site, ensuring the solar farm can be as flexible as possible in delivering energy to the grid

£5.3 million generated in business rates over the lifetime of the project

Common Myths About Solar Power

Site Location Plan

Layout and Landscaping


Virtual Exhibition February 2023

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